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Fix some preprocessor directives. Include process.h in the right place, and use the correct definition of PATH_MAX, when compiling on Windows.
author John "Elwin" Edwards
date Wed, 12 Aug 2015 16:56:19 -0400
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 * Defines for things used in mach_dep.c
 * @(#)extern.h	4.3 (Berkeley) 4/2/82
 * Rogue: Exploring the Dungeons of Doom
 * Copyright (C) 1980, 1981, 1982 Michael Toy, Ken Arnold and Glenn Wichman
 * All rights reserved.
 * See the file LICENSE.TXT for full copyright and licensing information.

 * Don't change the constants, since they are used for sizes in many
 * places in the program.

#define MAXSTR		80	/* maximum length of strings */
#define MAXLINES	32	/* maximum number of screen lines used */
#define MAXCOLS		80	/* maximum number of screen columns used */

#define RN		(((seed = seed*11109+13849) >> 16) & 0xffff)

 * Now all the global variables

extern bool	after, amulet, askme, door_stop, fight_flush,
		firstmove, in_shell, jump, noscore, p_know[], passgo,
		playing, r_know[], running, s_know[], save_msg,
		slow_invent, terse, use_savedir, wizard, ws_know[];

extern const char *p_colors[], *r_stones[], *w_names[], 
                  *a_names[], *ws_made[];
extern char	_flags[], _level[], file_name[], fruit[],
		home[], huh[], outbuf[], *p_guess[],
		prbuf[], *r_guess[], *release, runch,
		*s_guess[], *s_names[], take, whoami[],
		*ws_guess[], *ws_type[];

extern int	a_chances[], a_class[], count, dnum, food_left,
		fung_hit, fd, group, hungry_state, inpack, lastscore,
		level, lfd, max_level, mpos, no_command, no_food, no_move,
		ntraps, purse, quiet, total;

extern long	seed;

extern WINDOW	*hw;

 * Function types

char	*charge_str(), *ctime(), *getenv(), *inv_name(),
	*killname(), *nothing(), *num(), *ring_num(),
	*unctrol(), *vowelstr();

void    leave(int), quit(int), tstp(), auto_save(int), endit(int);
int	doctor(), nohaste(),
	rollwand(), runners(), sight(), stomach(), swander(),
	turn_see(), unconfuse(), unsee();

void	checkout();

long	lseek();

extern coord ch_ret;
extern shint countch;
extern shint direction;
extern shint newcount;
extern int   between;
extern int   num_checks;
extern char  lvl_mons[27];
extern char  wand_mons[27];
extern coord nh;
extern bool  got_genocide;

#if defined(__GLIBC__) || defined(__INTERIX)
   O_BINARY flag not provided in Interix/SFU or some versions of Linux. 
   It is the same as default behavior so we just zero define it here
   to make source code compatible.
#define O_BINARY 0

extern FILE *md_fdopen(int fd, char *mode);
extern char *md_getusername(int uid);
extern char *md_gethomedir();