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<title>TTYREC files</title>
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<h1>TTYREC files</h1>
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<p>TTYREC files are recordings of text-based sessions, much like screencasts are recordings of graphical sessions. The Roguelike Gallery and other roguelike 
sites create ttyrec recordings of games played online, so that others can watch them. The <a href="/archive.cgi">Archiver</a> will search's 
ttyrecs for you.</p>
<p>As you might expect, ttyrecs are not video files that can be played in video players. They contain mostly text, and you will need a ttyrec player to 
watch them.</p>
<p><a href="">The original ttyrec program</a> comes with ttyplay.</p>
<p><a href="">Termrec</a> includes termplay, which is easy to use and works on Windows.</p>
<p><a href="">IPBT</a> is a newer player that allows you to rewind while playing.</p>
<p>A ttyrec produced on one kind of terminal will not play properly on a different kind of terminal. Most modern terminals are similar and should produce 
compatible ttyrecs, but you might come across a file that won't work.</p>
<p>Replaying also might not work properly if your terminal is a different size from the one that produced the ttyrec. If things are getting drawn in the 
wrong places, try making your terminal bigger. Unfortunately, ttyrecs don't tell you what the proper size is.</p>
<p>(But it can sometimes be deduced, if you don't mind poking around with a hex editor.  Check near the beginning for the sequence 
<span class="metavar">&lt;escape&gt;</span>[1;<span class="metavar">&lt;number of rows&gt;</span>r )</p>
<p>Note: if you are using ipbt, you must also tell ipbt what size terminal to use. Check ipbt's documentation.</p>
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