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Change the Python module's name back to rlgall. It is no longer an experimental variant. Using a database as a backend is a settled feature.
author John "Elwin" Edwards
date Thu, 02 Jan 2014 13:09:48 -0500
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RLG: various files used by the Roguelike Gallery.

dgl/ contains the Gallery's dgamelaunch.conf file, the dgamelaunch menus, and 
a patch to the Git version of dgamelaunch.  The patch makes it compatible with 
the RLGWebD player and adds properly salted passwords.

lighttpd/ contains the configuration files for lighttpd which have been 
modified from the distribution versions.

py/ contains various Python scripts.

py/ processes the log files and stores the data in a PostgreSQL
database.  It should be run periodically by cron.

py/ is a module which requires.  It should be installed
in /lib/python<x.y>/site-packages or the equivalent location.

web/ contains the static parts of the website.  Note that when 
installed, scoring/ needs to be writable by whatever user is running the script.