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<p>Super-Rogue was developed from <a href="rogue3.html">Rogue 3.6</a> by Robert Kindelberger, who added many new monsters and items. The 
final version, numbered 9.0, was completed in 1984.</p>
<p>Some of Super-Rogue's features, such as shops, mazes, and cockatrices, appeared in the original Hack at about the same time.</p>
<p>The <a href="">Roguelike Restoration Project</a> updated Super-Rogue to run on modern systems.</p>
<p>The Roguelike Gallery modified Super-Rogue to work with's system, fixed a few bugs which made winning easy, and added support for the arrow keys.</p>
<p>The source code is <a href="/files/roguelike-r109-src.tgz">available for download</a>.</p>
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