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dgamelaunch: define user/group by name instead of UID/GID. The user and group might not be created with the UID and GID expected, so it is better to use names. They can be changed to numeric values after installation.
author John "Elwin" Edwards
date Sun, 11 May 2014 08:32:31 -0700
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RLG: various files used by the Roguelike Gallery.

dgl/ contains the Gallery's dgamelaunch.conf file, the dgamelaunch menus, and 
a patch to the Git version of dgamelaunch.  The patch makes it compatible with 
the RLGWebD player and adds properly salted passwords.

lighttpd/ contains the configuration files for lighttpd which have been 
modified from the distribution versions (current version 1.4.34).

py/ contains various Python scripts.  Python 3 is required.  The dependencies
needed are psycopg2 and pytz.

py/ processes the log files and stores the data in a PostgreSQL
database.  It should be run periodically by cron.

py/ does some statistical calculations and creates SVG charts which 
are included in the Web pages.  It should be run from cron, daily or so.

py/ is a module which requires.  It should be installed
in /lib/python<x.y>/site-packages or the equivalent location.

web/ contains the static parts of the website.  Note that when 
installed, scoring/ needs to be writable by whatever user is running the script.