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 <p>A ttyrec produced on one kind of terminal will not play properly on a different kind of terminal. Most modern terminals are similar and should produce 
 compatible ttyrecs, but you might come across a file that won't work.</p>
 <p>Replaying also might not work properly if your terminal is a different size from the one that produced the ttyrec. If things are getting drawn in the 
-wrong places, try making your terminal bigger. Unfortunately, ttyrecs don't tell you what the proper size is.</p>
-<p>(But it can sometimes be deduced, if you don't mind poking around with a hex editor.  Check near the beginning for the sequence 
-<span class="metavar">&lt;escape&gt;</span>[1;<span class="metavar">&lt;number of rows&gt;</span>r )</p>
+wrong places, try making your terminal bigger.</p>
+<p>Unfortunately, ttyrecs don't contain any metadata which could tell you what the proper size is. But most recent files from the Gallery and similar sites
+work around this limitation by putting some invisible text at the beginning. You can read it by opening the ttyrec with a hex editor or text editor. There
+will be a line starting with "Size:" followed by the terminal width and height.</p>
 <p>Note: if you are using ipbt, you must also tell ipbt what size terminal to use. Check ipbt's documentation.</p>
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