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-RLG: various files used by the Roguelike Gallery.
+rlgallery-misc: miscellaneous files used by the Roguelike Gallery.
 dgl/ contains the Gallery's dgamelaunch.conf file, the dgamelaunch menus, and 
 a patch to the Git version of dgamelaunch.  The patch makes it compatible with 
 the RLGWebD player and adds properly salted passwords.
-lighttpd/ contains the configuration files for lighttpd which have been 
-modified from the distribution versions (current version 1.4.34).
+lighttpd/ contains a configuration file for lighttpd which should be included
+from the main lighttpd.conf.
 py/ contains various Python scripts.  Python 3 is required.  The dependencies
 needed are psycopg2 and pytz.