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                        =====   RLGWebD   =====

RLGWebD is a node.js app that enables playing roguelike games in the 
browser.  It is intended to be compatible with dgamelaunch.

RLGWebD currently works with Node v0.10.

It requires the 'posix', 'pty.js', and 'websocket' modules.

RLGWebD expects to be run in a dgamelaunch installation, and it makes 
some assumptions about the configuration.  It expects the dgamelaunch 
playground to be at /dgldir inside the chroot.  It expects the 
in-progress files to be in /dgldir/inprogress/<gamename>.  RLGWebD 
creates in-progress files in those locations, and dgamelaunch must be 
patched to prevent it from deleting them.

It needs the devpts filesystem mounted inside the chroot.  This can be 
done with a line in /etc/fstab like the following:
	devpts	CHROOT/dev/pts	devpts	newinstance,ptmxmode=666 0 0

It creates a socket in the filesystem which is used to control the 

RLGWebD uses a separate program written in C to operate on the 
dgamelaunch user database.  Compile this with:
	cc -o sqlickrypt sqlickrypt.c -lcrypt -lsqlite3

The binary should be placed in /bin inside the chroot.  It requires 
libcrypt and libsqlite3 to be installed in the chroot.  Depending on 
your system, these may have other dependencies.  Make sure to check by 
running ldd.

sqlickrypt needs /dev/urandom to exist in the chroot.  Run as root:
	mknod CHROOT/dev/urandom c 1 9

Starting and stopping
Run the 'rlgwebd' shell script as root.

Stop by passing 'stop' as an argument.  (This requires socat to be