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Fix another pointer bug related to object stacks.
author John "Elwin" Edwards
date Sun, 11 Feb 2018 15:37:33 -0500
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#   history.txt
#   UltraRogue: The Ultimate Adventure in the Dungeons of Doom
#   Copyright (C) 1985, 1986, 1992, 1993, 1995 Herb Chong
#   All rights reserved.
#   See the file LICENSE.TXT for full copyright and licensing information.

2.01 - Dec 17/84
1)	MAXTRAPS set to 20, up from 15.  the dungeon gets nastier
2)	hitpoints gained per level change/loss increased by 50%.
	this will be essential when new monsters added and amulet
	level is increased to 50 or so.

2.01 - Dec 21/84
1)	MAXPDEF set to 4 (maximum number of saved characters).

2.01 - Dec 23/84
1)	all load control and time code now non-optional.  controlled
	by external variables initialized in tunable.c.  load average
	is now read by a separate program and obtained via popen(3).
2)	2 new armors added, mithril and crystalline.
3)	when wearing crystalline armor, a wielded weapon can be turned 
	into a wand of lightning by bolts of lightning from monsters
	(75% chance)
4)	blessed (enchanted) food lasts 3 times as long as regular food
	up to 6000 turns (regular food is 2000 max)
5)	tidied up messages so they all have periods on the end, etc.
6)	not being able to play because of holiday() code is distinguished
	by a separate message
7)	when wearing crystalline armor, monsters that normally hug won't

2.01 - Dec 24/84
1)	fixed handling of being hit by lightning shot by yourself
2)	fixed inventory message for sticks with one charge
3)	a highly charged (>50) stick or weapon of lightning can do extra damage

2.01 - Dec 25/84
1)	mithril armor decreases by 25% the chance of being hit by magic
	or wands (VS_MAGIC and VS_WAND -5) except by silver arrows
2)	all forms of teleportation cause confusion unless you are currently
	affected by a clear thought potion.  wizard teleportation via ^X
	is exempt
3)	falling through a maze or normal trapdoor can cause damage and you can
	die from it.  also, you are confused unless currently affected by a
	clear thought potion
4)	when askme is set, more prompting for names is made for scrolls and

2.01 - Dec 26/84
1)	fixed bug for when wizard or after reading scroll of creation, making
	an object of which there is only a single type does not redisplay the
2)	ring of teleportation can also cause confusion.  oversight in changes
	made in other code
3)	19 new weapons added.  list of weapons used to start with has not
4)	calculation of worth of multiply occuring objects changed to include
	multiplying by the count of the number of objects
5)	silver arrows are aimed by magic and so miss only if monster saves
	against magic and the arrow otherwise would have missed anyway
6)	fixed bug if entering wizard's password from the command line and is
	typed in wrong, then a game restore is attempted
7)	changed format of asking for object creation to allow more objects
	to be chosen
8)	format of name being saved in the score file is changed to indicate
	level number and level name of the person

2.01 - Dec 27/84
1)	added 17 new monsters.  the scorefile name of the monster that killed
	you is incompatible in indexing, but that's life.

2.01 - Dec 30/84
1)	wererats can now summon giant rats, up to 4 of them
2)	ogres are now greedy

2.01 - Jan 2/85
1)	elves that carry bows have a 10% chance of carrying silver arrows
2)	slightly higher probabilities of traps being successfully set
3)	format of top ten adventurers output changed to two lines for
	neatness since more stuff added

2.01 - Jan 3/85
1)	a cursed scroll of create monster now creates 3 to 6 monsters
	around you.  a normal one and a blessed one create just one

2.01 - Jan 6/85
1)	amulet moved up to level 50 for safety  :-)
2)	added new weapons, including a claymore and a footbow
3)	some of new weapons now available during initial selection

2.01 - Jan 7/84
1)	more weapons added
2)	code to handle creation of objects completely rewritten to no longer
	have a limit on the number of items 
3)	fixed bug in wizard monster creation routine to allow ESC to terminate
	without selection

2.01 - Jan 11/85
1)	fixed code in chase.c so that a monster can actually use a footbow
	if it's carrying one
2)	fixed bug in chase.c that wrong pointer is used to point to a
	monster's silver arrow.  it turns out that the code executes as
	expected but the comments are then wrong

2.01 - Jan 13/85
1)	added fire traps as another type of trap.  needed for burning oil
2)	changed name of molotov cocktails to burning oil.  when thrown and
	misses monster, it makes a fire trap and also lights up the room
3)	6 new rings added - carrying - pack loses 1/3 of its weight
			  - adornment - worth 1000 gp, but nothing else
			  - levitation - avoids traps and things like that
			  - fire resistance, lightning resistance, and
			    cold resistance - obvious
4)	certain monsters will die instantly when hit by burning oil

2.01 - Jan 14/85
1)	full damage is always done with burning oils except on fireproof
2)	monsters that divide will not do so when hit by burning oil
3)	fixed bugs in messages for firetraps

0.00 Alpha - Jan 15/85
1)	flameproof monsters aren't burnt by burning oil
2)	version and name of game changed to UltraRogue.  hopefully,
	it will live up to it's name
3)	format of scoring output changed to remove redundant information
4)	crysknife can poison now.  if the monster doesn't save against
	poison, it loses half its hit points
5)	flameproof monsters ignore firetraps and can run through them
6)	many special properties of weapons changed from hardcoded names
	to flags
7)	boomerangs and other weapons that return do so now
8)	maximum attempts to set traps per level changed from 8 to 16
9)	maximum transactions at a trading post changed from 4 to 8

0.00 Alpha - Jan 16/85
1)	corrected code for handling of silver and poisoned weapons

1.00 Alpha - Feb 1/85
1)	it's now possible to roll crystalline armor at start
2)	enchanting armor causes it to weigh 20% less for each + and 20% more
	for each -

1.00 Alpha - Feb 4/85
1)	quitting uses experience point score instead of gold
2)	corrected handling of weight of enchanted armor
3)	discovering a firetrap lights the room
4)	it's now possible to die from fire traps

1.00 Alpha - Feb 5/85
1)	changed weight of enchanted objects in wrong place.  now fixed
2)	minor fix to messages in trader.c
3)	changed the effect of a scroll of acquirement.  a blessed scroll
	now works as in old version, a normal or cursed scroll will
	allow acquirement of an object of random type.
4)	split rogue.c into rogue.c and monsdata.c

1.00 Alpha - Feb 10/85
1)	armor doesn't rust if you're not wearing any
2)	added 8 artifacts, now trying to make rogue compile again
3)	time window for restored games changed to 60s instead of 25s.

1.00 Alpha - Feb 13/85
1)	misc. tidying up of messages.  some changed to be wizard only
2)	one unique monster added, have not yet tested nastiness of beast
3)	changed chasing code to hopefully remove bug that stops running
	in a room even though monster is invisible or can surprise
4)	seeing distance is now a variable so that later enhancements can
	be made
5)	added apply command ('A') to make an artifact work (does nothing 
	right now)
6)	it is now possible to trip and fall down the stairs, and die
	in the process
7)	blessed objects weigh 20% less and cursed weigh 20% more
8)	fighting (but not to death) allowed until 1/3 of max hit points
9)	time of stiffening by basilisks, etc., is now randomized
10)	tidied up code to handle signals and autosaving
11)	poison pool traps implemented
12)	quaffing a potion of haste self when already hasted lasts a
	longer time than before
13)	if strength is high enough, the hero can break free of 
	a hold
14)	creation of artifacts now supported (sort of)
15)	scoring routines changed to track gold and experience separately.
	now i have to figure out how to set the gold to zero without
	resetting the score file
16)	gold is counted (including worth of objects) even for quitting and
	dying.  however, position in scorefile is determined by experience 
	points only
17)	three new scrolls 1) nothing - does nothing
			  2) silver plating - magic aimed weapons seldom miss
			  3) ownership - make weapons return
18)	6 types of food now - details still to be fixed up
19)	corrected handling of normal and cursed scrolls of acquirement

1.00 Alpha Feb 14/85
1)	creation of artifacts mostly working now.  no code to support
	their special functions yet
2)	corrected names of artifacts and food so the inventory routine
	gives correct case and plural forms of names
3)	handling of duration of enchanted food fixed

1.00 Alpha Feb 15/85
1)	creation, picking up, dropping, and throwing artifacts now apparently
	correct.  no functions yet implemented yet
2)	mad wizard changed to mad sorceress and is no longer confused.
	level, intelligence, experience points and damage increased
3)	nymphs try to steal the most valuable magic item carried now
4)	picking up an artifact gives experience equal to 0.1 of it's
	worth in gold
5)	new wizard command 'V' added to find the worth of an object

1.00 Alpha Feb 16/85
1)	monsters that steal magic and gold no longer vanish when they've 
	stolen an item.  instead, it turns invisible and tries to run away.
	a nymph isn't so bad, but watch out for the mad sorceress.
	the monster will carry around the item until killed
2)	picking up things with a full pack in a trading post no longer
	identifies it
3)	falling into a poison trap does not automatically poison current 
	weapon and there is a 75% probability of losing 1/3 hit points 
	and 2 strength
4)	buying anything in a trading post tells you what it is and all others
	of the same type
5)	quaffing a potion of healing at or near max hit points increases
	maximum by more
6)	a wand of nothing does nothing
7)	cursed scroll of ownership causes thrown weapon to always disappear

1.00 Alpha Feb 17/85
1)	corrected handling of wizard scorefile manipulation commands
2)	corrected code to create objects via the scroll of acquirement
3)	a cursed scroll of acquirement creates a cursed object
4)	wearing a ring of levitation allows you to move over any kind of
	trap without being harmed
5)	poisoned weapons now identified as such in inventory name

1.00 Alpha Feb 25/85
1)	corrected handling of scoring of gold for total winners
2)	changed mad sorceress to be non-unique to make dungeon really nasty
3)	added code to calculate cost of silver, poisoned, and owned weapons
4)	code to stop running when a monster appears corrected for when
	monster can surprise or is invisible

1.00 Alpha Mar 1/85
1)	cursed potion of see invisible does nothing when wearing ring
	of see invisible.
2)	putting on a ring of see invisible while blind cures blindness

1.01 Alpha Mar 4/85
1)	changed encryption scheme used by read/write routines to code
	supplied by Michael Mauldin (
2)	eating too much causes paralysis for a short time
3)	changed rnd (random integer in a certain range) routine to use
	a better algorithm
4)	changed version string for internal checking to something more

1.01 Alpha Mar 8/85
1)	changed inv_name to show silver weapons properly
2)	changed name of "silver weapon" scroll to "magic hitting"
3)	scrolls of ownership and magic hitting now prompt for weapon to
	apply scroll to
4)	rnd changed back to old algorithm because new one is SLOW

1.01 Alpha Mar 20/85
1)	picking up an artifact more than once does not add more experience
2)      new unique and VERY NASTY monster added, Lucifer.  only appears
	on level one when you have an artifact on you.  he is NOT
	pleasant.  i am certain that he will prevent total winners until
	i can tune his parameters.

1.01 Alpha Mar 22/85
1)	changed maximum objects per normal level from 9 to 5
2)	changed monster window to half it's current value to stretch
	out the levels new monsters can appear over
3)	increased traps per level again from 20 to 25

1.01 Alpha Mar 28/85
1)	decreased abilities of Lucifer to try things out
2)	changed probability of food up and other stuff down
3)	changed probability of potion of gain level down

1.01 Alpha Apr 1/85
1)	changed traps per level up to 30
2)	fixed bug in wearing ring of cold resistance
3)	changed window for saving to 180s because save/restore with
	new algorithm is much slower
4)	added support for lairs of unique monsters, 1 in 15 chance of
	being summoned while going up the stairs
5)	trading posts can't appear until level 15, up from level 5
6)	you can't be blinded when wearing a ring of extra sight
7)	hit points per level gained/lost reduced to original values
8)	deleted some wizard commands and re-arranged some of the rest
9)	changed how wizard teleportation specifies type of level
10)	modified parameters of sucessfully striking a monster
11)	Lucifer devalued again

1.02 Alpha Apr 2/85
1)	reduced probability of being summoned at random while running around
2)	restored probability of hitting parameter
3)	doubled requirements for experience level changes

1.02 Alpha Apr 4/85
1)	restored requirements for experience level changes
2)	increased probability that a monster hits on an attack
3)	changed probability of food downwards and other stuff upwards
4)	changed probability of some scroll's cursed and blessed probabilities

1.02 Alpha Apr 5/85
1)	throne room monsters no longer hasted
2)	fixed messages for scrolls of magic hitting and ownership
3)	infinite loops in wanderer() due to trying to place a monster
	in a different room than the hero on a THRONE level
4)	changed format of scorefile to include what artifacts were
5)	initial attributes of a fighter increased
6)	Lucifer downgraded again (sigh)

1.02 Alpha Apr 12/85
1)	food probability adjusted upwards
2)	size of string to hold fruit food name increased
3)	monsters per treasure room increased to 20 from 15
4)	maximum number of magic objects per level increased from 5 to 7
5)	added code to differentiate a winner carrying all artifacts
	and some
6)	reduced probability of summoning

1.02 Alpha Apr 16/85
1)	monsters that can walk through stone are not affected by wand of
	antimatter.  so much for an easy kill of Lucifer
2)	throne rooms always contain treasure, up to 3 times as much as normal

1.02 Alpha Apr 23/85
1)	max monsters/treasures in a party room upped again from 20 to 30

1.02 Alpha Apr 26/85
1)	improved wizard outfitting command to start with more and better stuff
2)	fighters gain and lose 12 instead of 10 hit points max per level
3)	throne rooms always contain lots of treasure
4)	fixed message in experience level changes to include period

1.02 Alpha Apr 28/85
1)	monsters that can breathe can do so more than once with 50% chance
	after each use of losing (or retaining) ability
2)	catch zapping and bolts into darkened rooms, passages, and phased
	players in walls and flag as error for wizard
3)	mad sorceress improved in ability
4)	changing name of fruit in options now also changes name in rest of game
5)	handling of SIGINT and SIGQUIT corrected for when escaping to shell
	and returning.  used to exit with endit().  now does quit() to
	prompt before exiting
6)	options listing now includes name of option for the environment
7)	throne rooms made nastier by increasing hit points further and also
	decreasing AC of monster even more
8)	monsters below level 80 start getting nastier in a lot of ways
	and is level dependent (deeper == nastier)

1.02 Alpha Apr 29/85
1)	all monsters in throne rooms can now walk through walls
2)	past level 80, all monsters that can use breath weapons will never
	lose that ability
3)	Lucifer upgraded

1.02 Alpha Apr 30/85
1)	algorithm for nastier monsters below level 80 changed (nastier)
2)	potion of raise level made much rarer
3)	being drained a level is restored only half the time
4)	monsters in thone rooms can see invisible heros
5)	scrolls of acquirement are rarer and are more likely to be cursed

1.02 Alpha May 1/85
1)	Lucifer hit points upgraded
2)	Lucifer never loses ability to zap with breath weapon
3)	fixed bug in returning of weapons with blessed scroll of
	ownership read on them
4)	circular buffer implemented for messages and each line of buffer
	increased in size
5)	rings, weapons, sticks, and armor can explode if enchanted too much
6)	owned things show up that way in inventory

1.02 Alpha May 2/85
1)	length of time that all food lasts increased
2)	throwing a scare monster scroll curses it

1.02 Alpha May 3/85
1)	attacking rust monsters with bare hands causes segmentation faults
	fixed by checking for whether hero wields a weapon or not
2)	evil sorceresses (and nymphs) will steal anything, including
	what you're wearing, below level 95
3)	it's now imposssible to enchant a ring of slow digestion beyond 3
	since food consumption code is not designed to handle it

1.02 Alpha May 6/85
1)	adjusted probability of things exploding when enchanted too much from
	1 in 8 to 1 in 5
2)	being summoned while just wandering in the dungeon is changed
	to 1 in 99999 to make life interesting
3)	stick of fire now kills monsters that are flammable
4)	fixed bug in handling firetraps for monsters
5)	corrected new code to handle monsters running through fire traps

1.02 Alpha May 8/85
1)	fixed bug in wizard dungeon level change command
2)	total daemons changed from 30 to 60 to allow for new things
3)	fighting while blinded changed from "it" to "the monster"
4)	algorithm for making monsters nastier below level 80 made
	even nastier
5)	fire traps always burn even when levitated
6)	fixed monster name lookup in shoot_bolt when bolt misses
7)	monster lair traps implemented for levels below 50
8)	rust traps implemented to rust armor
9)	messages for CANRUST monsters hitting you after armor is
	destroyed is changed
10)	placement of player in a throne room corrected
11)	unique monsters are always awakened by the hero entering the room
12)	a monster with enough strength can shatter crystalline armor with
	a single blow
13)	a monster with enough strength can make the armor ring when hit,
	aggravating all monsters on the level
14)	monsters that can shriek can shatter crystalline armor
15)	strength of monsters below level 80 also increases with level
16)	check more often for null pointers when refering to current armor
	in fight.c and monster.c
17)	selling or dropping an artifact in a post loses it forever, but
	you can still go up the stairs as if you did have it.  same with
	it being stolen by a monster

1.02 Alpha May 10/85
1)	creation of firetraps done only when there is room in the traps array
2)	potion of extra hearing - cursed, normal and blessed
3)	potion of extra scent - cursed, normal, and blessed
4)	hero can smell or hear monsters whenever they appear in dungeon
	or possibly when he enters a room, always when potions have been

1.02 Alpha May 11/85
1)	scroll of food detection implemented
2)	corrected algorithm for blessed food and added message when
	eating it so people trying will know to try it again
3)	code to handle super food consumption added
4)	changed algorithm for ring of slow digestion food consumption
	to not use hardwired enchantment levels
5)	hearing and smelling new monster messages changed to reflect
	distance and rooms somewhat
6)	partial implementation of artifact powers completed
7)	many of minor malevolent and side effects implemented
8)	some major malevolent effects implemented
9)	Phial of Galadriel implemented
10)	Palantir of Might implemented

1.02 Alpha May 12/85
1)	fixed dying by fire traps to remove seg fault while trying to
	print reason for dying
2)	selling an artifact or having it stolen and vanishing when
	monster that stole it is killed loses the artifact permanently 
	and the ability to go upwards is lost if it's the only artifact 
	in the hero's possesion
3)	login name included in scorefile
4)	stick of invisibility - makes monsters appear or disappear
	cursed (all in room), normal(one in direction), blessed(one
	appears in direction)
5)	implemented Amulet of Yendor, Silmaril of Ea, Sceptre of Might,
	Wand of Orcus
6)	partial implementation of Magic Purse of Yendor
7)	20 units of food are consumed every time a artifact power is attempted
8)	code for blessed scrolls of magic mapping, gold detection,
	food detection, potions of magic detection and monster detection
	in place
9)	minimal code for wand of invisibility implemented

1.02 Alpha May 13/85
1)	minimal code for potions of super heroism and disguise added
2)	no healing when phased and in rock
3)	changed "owned" to "claimed" in inv_name() for weapons
4)	wand of invisibility implemented
5)	bug in removing rings of add ability fixed when unwearing one
6)	leaving rooms when wearing ring of illumination darkens it

1.02 Alpha May 14/85
1)	rewrote all code to handle changes in the five major player
2)	completed implementation of the Crown of Might
3)	implemented blessed mapping and detection abilities
4)	more minor effects
5)	more major effects
6)	copy over login name to scorefile name entry only if it's
	not the same as the name entry started with
7)	falling down stairs probability shifted according to encumberance
8)	undead monsters are not affected by poison
9)	ring of regeneration restores hit points faster
10)	ring of sustain health stops disease and parasitic infections, but
	doesn't cure them

1.02 Alpha May 15/85
1)	fixed bugs in handling power boosted strength and dexterity
2)	implemented potions of disguise and superheroism

1.02 Alpha May 16/85
1)	changed potion of disguise to be like a scare monster scroll and
	shortened length of time it lasts
2)	implemented more minor effects
3)	cursed scroll of magic mapping done - forgets map
4)	fighting stops "hits" and "misses" messages to stop having to
	hit the spacebar all the time
5)	1 in 50 chance when fighting to stop fighting completely at random.
	a neater way of stopping fighting when neither side is hitting the
6)	moving over some traps using the 'm' command can result in no
	trapping, especially if player is thief
7)	asleep on top of a sleep trap doesn't print many messages
	about what the trap is
8)	reduced nastiness of level-dependent monster characteristics
9)	make probability of losing breath weapon dungeon level dependent
10)	fixed bug in stopping running when a monster enters room
11)	Magic Purse of Yendor code in place but not tested

1.02 Beta May 17/85
1)	fixed bag of holding code for Magic Purse of Yendor
2)	can't put Magic Purse inside itself
3)	lowered probability of a nonthief moving over a trap successfully
4)	add contents of Purse to score
5)	added more major and minor effects
6)	lowered probability of an artifact being deactivated by a minor

1.02 Beta May 18/85
1)	check for no wielded weapon or no armor worn when being hit
	by breath weapon
2)	check for no wielded weapon when blasting it in default major
	effect of artifact activation
3)	changed many messages in minor effects to check for blindness
4)	it is possible to trip and stumble over your weapon, and die in
	the process.  poisoned weapons do a lot of damage to the hero
5)	fighting or shooting some wands at the quartermaster increases
	the cost of things and probability of things being cursed
	by other quartermasters and in trading posts.  monsters on level
	are aggravated
6)	fighters using the 'f' or 'F' commands are get bonus number
	of attacks dependent upon level per turn
7)	when not under influence of potions of extra scent or extra hearing,
	thieves have higher probability of hearing or smelling a monster
8)	cursed detection scrolls and potions implemented
9)	scroll of electrification implemented

1.02 Beta May 19/85
1)	five new rings added
2)	worth of artifacts increased by a factor of 10
3)	when msgline is blank and last message is requested via ^P,
	don't decrement message buffer index the same way since it was 
	not incremented to clear the line
4)	initial hit point bonus for constitutions above 15
5)	new command listen ('=') to listen for nearby monsters
6)	ring of breathing - player is unaffected by gases
7)	ring of free action - player can't be held or slowed except by an
	artifact side effect
8)	reduced duration of confusion after teleportation
9)	ring of wizardry - doubles spell and prayer ability for players
	who are not clerics nor magicians
10)	listen for monsters nearby with higher probability for thief
11)	ring of resurrection - you might come back from the grave: cursed,
	normal, and blessed versions
12)	ring of teleport control - get to choose position and might actually
	end up there: cursed, normal, and blessed versions
13)	corrected multi-attack code to allow only fighters
14)	cursed detection magic identifies itself for later in the dungeon
15)	silver weapons do twice damage to undead monsters
16)	source frozen for version as reference.  further updates sent
	out will be via context diffs

1.02 Beta May 20/85
1)	modified saving throw for resurrection to take into account current
	constitution adjusted for luck and ring values
2)	rings of resurrection and teleport control now has enchantment 
	amount printed
3)	a failed resurrection now waits for the user to read the message
	before continuing with termination
4)	off-by-one error in counting resurrection attempts
5)	added diagonal moves to teleport control (sort of)
6)	successful control of teleport modified by luck and ring values
7)	corrected initialization of resurrection count
8)	moved tripping, summoning, and other things inside the test for
	valid commands
9)	changed algorithm for determining successful resurection with
10)	bug in listen command changed you to a thief when using it

1.02 Beta May 21/85

1)	a blessed scroll acquirement allows creation of an artifact or
	monster even if not wizard
2)	infestation is not supposed to be immediately fatal

1.02 Beta May 22/85
1)	moved new.things (this file) into directory rogue to make updates
	via context diffs more easy to apply
2)	corrected message of deactivation of artifacts
3)	changed definition of .rog_defs to an external variable in
	tunable.c for customization purposes

1.02 Beta May 23/85
1)	termination after load average is too high does a save instead
	of just quitting

1.02 Beta May 25/85
1)	corrected code for adding userid after name in scorefile
2)	redisplaying of messages after being cleared by msg("") fixed

1.02 Beta May 27/85
1)	dungeon level dependent monster ability algorithm made less
2)	throne room monster ability modification algorithm made less
3)	some of Lucifer's abilities made less nasty
4)	levitated and phased allows upward movement through rock
5)	discovered trading post stays lit when exiting room

1.02 Beta May 28/85
1)	fixed firetraps combined with rings of levitation
2)	fixed messages for major effects blasting of weapon
3)	disguise can be seen through by monsters with high experience
	for hitting, zapping, and throwing things at the hero
4)	increased safe amount to enchant ring from 4 to 5

1.02 Beta May 29/85
1)	documented 'f' and 'F' commands under help command

1.02 Beta June 1/85
1)	increased the value of some items

1.02 Beta June 3/85
1)	made leprechauns and nymphs harder to kill and more likely
	to stay around
2)	nymphs now attack whenever possible
3)	monsters ignore rust traps now
4)	changed help for 'f' and 'F' commands slightly

1.02 Beta June 3/85
1)	missed change of ".rog_defs" to ROGDEFS 
2)	anything can be claimed now.  inventory names and worth of objects
	changed to reflect this

1.02 Beta June 4/85
1)	check for monster wielding a weapon didn't check for null pointer
2)	changed #include "stdio.h" to <stdio.h> in save.c
3)	include mach_dep.h in io.c, save.c, and wizard.c

1.02 Beta June 6/85
1)	shattering of crystalline armor when hit hard is less likely
	when armor is well enchanted

1.02 Beta June 7/85
1)	check for null pointer to damage string in determining how much
	damage a blow or weapon striking does
2)	added code from for support
	of job control and tty interfacing for 4.x bsd systems
3)	quaffing non-cursed potion of super heroism removes fear and
	also prevents it until super heroism wears off
4)	corrected oversights in jason's code for when terminating
	by various legal means
5)	generalized message for selling/dropping artifact in trading post
6)	prices of objects in trading posts are now fixed at object creation
7)	algorithm for randomizing prices by quartermasters and in trading 
	posts changed
8)	prices as determined by bad luck made worse

1.02 Beta June 8, 85
1)	corrected tty and job control handling for urogue -s and
	urogue restore of saved games option

1.02 Beta June 9, 85
1)	too much movement when disguised turns it off
2)	reduced gain in monster strength below level 80
3)	improved resistance of crystalline armor to shattering when hit
4)	confused monsters can lose their confusion
5)	food detection also looks in monster's packs too
6)	evil sorceresses and nymphs can curse something in your pack
	while they are looking through it
7)	fix tty characteristics when restoring a game
8)	improved chances of taking it with you when you are resurrected
9)	corrected author and SIGQUIT handling

1.02 Beta June 10, 85
1)	selling an object in a trading post marks the value in a private
	location in case hero wants to buy it back
2)	reduced slightly the chance of nasty side effects when using
3)	shattering armor removal algorithm fixed
4)	lightning proof and being zapped by lightning checks for no armor
	and/or no wielded weapons
5)	change Makefile to be more efficient when maintaining distribution
	and private copies by linking only once instead of twice
6)	going to a new level and not wearing any armor causes seg faults
	when testing for greedy monsters
7)	null pointers when calculating damage caused by weapons handled
8)	setting traps, traps due to falling objects that create traps,
	and artifact side effects have more room by making trap array 

1.02 Gamma June 19, 85
1)      put in changes and moved things around in preparation for
	changes to be received from dan@ciprico for sys3 (aka USGV3)
	unix.  generalized conditional compilation code to allow
	further extension to multiple system source code versions.  no
	recompilation is neccesary with these changes.

1.02 Gamma June 21, 85
1)	fixed bug in quaffing gain ability when dexterity or strength
	has been lost
2)	wearing a ring of wizardry doubles spell points for casting and
	praying for all player classes provided that they have enough
	ability to cast or pray

1.02 Gamma June 24, 85
1)	gazing monsters have no effect when hero is invisible
2)	reduced probability of losing disguise when moving about
3)	leprechauns now attack

1.02 Gamma July 7, 85
1)	can't read scrolls when blind
2)	test for null pointers when refering to weapons and armor
	in do_minor() in artifact.c
3)	taking off armor removes stone from shoe

1.02 Gamma July 8, 85
1)	corrected flag handling for nymphs and evil sorceresses
	cursing an object that hero is carrying

1.02 Gamma July 10, 85
1)	handling of ring of wizardry and spell points for clerics and
	magicians fixed

1.02 Gamma July 12, 85
1)	fixed handling of wizard spell points because of limitations in
	certain C compilers.  thanx to dan@ciprico
2)	reset CBREAK mode in rip.c routine score() so that showpack() can 
	prompt and wait for a blank to continue displaying items
3)	reduced slightly the probability of a monster hitting back to
	original values as received from edjames@ucbshadow
4)	incomplete changes to handle the ring of wizardry in casting
	and praying

1.02 Gamma July 18, 85
1)	make dexterity of a monster level dependent past level 60 of

1.02 Gamma July 21, 85
1)	silver weapons can't rust no matter what
2)	hitting a rusting monster with a non-metallic weapon no longer
	tells you the rust vanishes
3)	no message of rust vanishing from your armor if it is
	inherently rustproof
4)	fixed grammar on messages about falling through various traps

1.02 Gamma July 23, 85
1)	changed code to ensure quartermasters sell things at positive
	cost only
2)	quaffing a blessed potion of gain ability sometimes increases
	the player's body AC as well
3)	fixed initialization code for fighters to give them extra
	body AC and also more damage from bare handed attack

1.02 Gamma July 26, 85
1)	wearing a ring of adornment also causes greedy monsters to run
	after you
2)	monster's level dependent attributes are dependent upon the maximum
	level you have been
3)	a blessed scroll of magic mapping show traps and such too
4)	monsters stepping into firetraps while hero isn't in room
	also marks the room as lit

1.02 Delta July 28, 85
1)	sys3 support added, courtesy dan@ciprico
2)	new random number routines added to the optional files
	for people without srandom and random

1.02 Delta, July 29, 85
1)	teleporting turns off being held by a bear trap
2)	being hit by a breath weapon while running stops you running
3)	replaced Makefile.install with one supplied by jason@ucblilac
4)	fighting mummies with no weapon usually causes seg faults so
	pointer must be checked  (dan@ciprico)
5)	entering a room through a secret door while phased is supposed to
	light the room (dan@ciprico)
6)	trying to dip where there's no pool gives wrong message

1.02 Delta, July 30, 85
1)	added support for news option in command line
2)	quit signals produce core files only in wizard mode
3)	wearing a ring of adornment adds 4 to number of transactions
	allowed in trading posts
4)	ring of burden deleted and replaced by ring of vampiric regeneration
5)	ring of carrying comes in various degrees now and cursed is like
	the ring of burden used to be
6)	ring of vampiric regeneration restores amount of damage done to
	monster to player, sort of like a vampire does
7)	ring of regeneration hit points now made somewhat experience
	level dependent
8)	food consumption of the regeneration rings make experience
	level dependent
9)	wand of blasting and grenades implemented

1.02	August 9, 85
1)	baseline release for urogue
2)	friendly fiend wants a ring of adornment
3)	player startup body AC initialized wrong
4)	negative transaction count after selling ring of adornment fixed
5)	fixed opening of authors file

1.02	August 11, 85
1)	inventory name of a claimed ring had blanks in wrong place
2)	fixed printing of inventory and counting of things inside
	the Magic Purse of Yendor

1.02	August 12, 85
1)	Closes PERMOK and PASSCTL after they are no longer needed.  This is
	a good practice, and was part of the reason for screwing up our server.
2)	Quaffing a restoration after superheroism had nasty effects.
3)	Screen no longer clears right after score file is displayed on death.
4)	Changing your Ac from 10 would not affect status line.
5)	Expression tree overflowed on trader.c using the 4.1 compiler.

	above changes by  the system they run has
	a "networked" filesystem under 4.1 bsd.

6)	a thrown grenade hitting a monster also explodes and makes a lot
	of noise
7)	probabilities of magic items of various kinds changed to make
	things harder
8)	costs of things re-arranged to reflect value to player more

1.02	August 13, 85
1)	being zapped by a breath weapon while not wearing armor causes
	core dumps

1.03 Alpha, February 16, 86
1)	added 100+ monsters to the monster table with new attributes
2)	added mike cooper's new character classes
3)	added mike cooper's changes to inventory display management to
	be more like Berkeley rogue 5.x
4)	changed experience level management to allow effectively no
	limit on experience level
5)	spell and prayer points are now taken from the same pool
6)	healing rate reduced to make life harder
7)	code to correct sun compiler laziness that is handled by
	other compilers
8)	redo flag structure to extend to 400+ monster flags
9)	display remaining spell points in menu of spells to cast/pray
10)	healing rates reduced
11)	control rewritten to do what it says in README
12)	README updated to tell about the environment variable
13)	MOTD, PAGER, NOPLAY, and NEWS files supported for various
	messages and display of same
14)	uptime output is used for load control
15)	control uses the login name rather than uid for authorization
16)	code for RTU2 and 4.2 RT PC versions added
17)	fixed up some sun problems
18)	FLYing and FAST monsters move twice as quickly when not next
	to hero
19)	melee attack bonus for various character classes computed
	by a function instead of code in the if statement
20)	CTRL-<dir> keys deleted and option used for determining
	type of running
21)	fixed saving throw modification for mithril armor
22)	changed message for monsters stealing magic
23)	changed environment variable to UROGUE
24)	dungeon-level-dependent attributes start sooner now
25)	more weapon flags
26)	silver weapons become metal ones too
27)	monsters appear more often

1.03 Alpha, February 21, 86
1)	added changes to circumvent compiler bug in 4.2BSD on the RT PC
2)	corrected maximum number of levels displayed in player level
3)	corrected calculation of needed experience points to gain a
	new level after losing a level
4)	thrown weapons at gas spores kill them
5)	synchronized messages and experience level numbers when 
	gaining levels

1.03 Alpha, February 22, 86
1)	Friendly Fiend appears in a trading post and follows you around
2)	minimal code for support of CHARMED and FRIENDLY monsters
3)	Friendly Fiend gets upset if you cast spells in his place

1.03 Alpha, February 22, 86
1)	fixed up Friendly Fiend handling when he has been hit or
2)	changed ninja experience level names
3)	added paladin praying abilities at level 9 no matter what wisdom
4)	reduced Friendly Fiends abilities
5)	shops become normal levels for picking up objects when Friendly Fiend
	is "killed"
6)	handle a one room ordinary level properly
7)	once Friendly is "dead", shop items are identified when picked up

1.03 Alpha, February 28, 86
1)	applied bug fix in inventory code sent by Mike Cooper
2)	added AT&T 7300 sys5r2 support
3)	implemented Jason Venner's improvements to handling getting the
	load average

1.03 Alpha, March 9, 86
1)	applied fix to too many saves running out of file descriptors
	submitted by Web Dove
2)	applied fixes to messages and stuff for the quartermaster from
	Mike Cooper

1.03 Alpha, March 14, 86
1)	applied bug fix by mike cooper in display of quartermaster's 
	wares to sell
2)	applied mike cooper's patches for sys5 curses support

1.03 Alpha, March 15, 86
1)	added flags for size of monster and size of weapon and initialization
2)	changed whatis command to display all possible monsters that match
	the characters

1.03 Alpha, April 14, 86
1)	incorporated random() and srandom() from 4.2BSD

1.03 Alpha, April 18, 86
1)	fixed segv in control.c using patch from mike cooper

1.03 Alpha, April 19, 86
1)	fixed screen clearing in initialization and termination for sys5
2)	added option to print version number
3)	doubled healing rate
4)	potion of gain ability is much rarer now
5)	Tiamat and Bahamut can now summon dragons (suggested by carl hommel)

1.03 Alpha, April 20, 86
1)	fixed up terminal state when exiting
2)	removed wizard scorefile commands from rip.c
3)	fixed testing for valid initialization of player class

1.03 Alpha, April 28, 86
1)	added SAVETIME and WARNTIME to allow installations to tune
	how strict they are on load checking
2)	changed treasure room generation and room darkness constants
	to create them less often and starting deeper
3)	require return at game termination to handle windowing
4)	changed #ifdef and #ifndef to #if defined() and #if !defined()

1.03 Alpha, May 2, 86
1)	fixed up missed #ifdef changes
2)	fruit name initialization screws up on very long names
3)	monsters with multiple turns getting killed on their first
	turn should never get a second turn (Mike Laman fix)
4)	dropping and picking up multiple stuff sometimes screws up count
	(another Mike Laman fix)
5)	enhancement by Carl Hommel to zapping: save = 1/2 damage, 
	rather than no damage.  bolt damage peters off towards the end 
	of the zap

1.03 Alpha May 5, 86
1)	changed order of message and flag clearing for normal scroll
	of remove curse to have a more consistent message
2)	the gold sense command has been removed and it is automatically
	done for thieves whenever a new level is created

1.03 Alpha May 11, 86
1)	fixed minor formatting error in last prompt for carriage return
	before exiting
2)	tons of minor and major bug fixes by Mike Laman, some pointed to
	by lint and others from looking at code, with more for me to fix
	(sigh!), including sys5 curses things and temporary absence of

1.03 Alpha May 12, 86
1)	putting on a ring of free action turns off being held and those
	monsters can never hold hero again (ever)
2)	diddled around some more with format of prompt before exiting
3)	changed define of "reg" in curses.h to have less warning messages
4)	added a single new monster
5)	changed name of NUMUNIQUE define in rogue.h to NUMSUMMON
6)	use vowelstr() in giving name of monster summoning hero

1.03 ALpha May 19, 86
1)	added a whole lot of things by Carl Hommel including different
	algorithms for shooting bolts, new armor and weapons, and
	general tidying up of things

1.03 Alpha, May 20, 86
1)	added 67 new monsters from Carl Hommel and miscellaneous bug fixes
1.03 Alpha, May 21, 86
1)	initial support for SCO/Microsoft Xenix implementation of sys5r2
	supplied by Tom Haapanen
2)	fixed monster flags in new monsters supplied by Carl
3)	changed number of new monsters/level constant from 3 to 4
	(this number is too high given the actual number of monsters in
	the monster table and the levels one has to go down.  there
	should be 320 non-summoning monsters to be about right)
4)	healing rate restored to original value

1.03 Alpha, May 22, 86
1)	protected and claimed objects stay with the hero when he 
2)	no saving throw against magic missile
3)	magic missile damage depends upon player exp level
4)	electrification bug fixed and range depends on hero exp. level
5)	stepping into a pool when electrified is painful
6)	monsters summon only when low on hit points and damage taken
	above changes by Carl Hommel
7)	number of magic items per level increased
8)	bunches of monsters created less frequently
9)	summoning while running around reduced in probability
10)	don't kick any daemons off when being summoned to give initiative
	to the player
11)	increase the number of objects in a throne room

1.03 Alpha, May 24, 86
1)	changed algorithm for creating monsters with CANSHOOT weapons
	and increased probability slightly
2)	added new monsters from Carl Hommel and a bunch of my own
3)	rearranged the hero-summoning unique monsters to be strictly
	in order of hit points
4)	rearranged some of ordinary monsters to make progession of
	experience points for killing monster more monotonic
5)	fix handling of extra long monster names in wizard monster creation
	and monster genocide

1.03 Alpha, May 25, 86
1)	more modifications in and around chase.c, command.c, and fight.c
	to remove the electrification bug.  Carl's fixes removed one,
	the one that Jason reported is still there.
2)	maximum traps/dungeon level increased
3)	massively rewrite Makefiles, installation procedure, and
	various sources to reorganize sources

1.03 Alpha, May 28, 86
1)	charmed monsters, new spells for druid and illusionist,
	monsters striking each other, etc.  by Nick Flor
2)	save throw handling changed to be centralized in one routine,
	blessed/cursed stick handling, and wizard ^O command improved
	by Carl Hommel
3)	fixed save throw test for monster and hero differentiation
4)	monster is not allowed to hit itself

1.03 Alpha, May 29, 86
1)	fixed pointer to struct bug save_throw() in fight.c

1.03 Alpha, June 4, 86
1)	check for NULL pointer when zapping with wand
2)	potions have some food value
3)	fix body AC for ninja
4)	fix ucount for RTU3
	obove fixes by Carl Hommel
5)	including files in wrong order in main.c and rip.c pointed
	out by Mike Cooper

1.03 Alpha, June 5, 86
1)	new program to replace all the print_* commands by Mike Cooper
2)	fixed bug in urprint to use right flag word size and to use
	correct number of flag words in monster initialization structure
3)	experiment with allowing many familiars but only one at a time

1.03 Alpha, June 6, 86
1)	fixed format of scorefile output
2)	familiars are never confused
3)	changed algorithm for generating a summoned familiar

1.03 Alpha, June 7, 86
1)	yet another change to generating summoned familiar
2)	not clearing familiar_ptr when familiar is killed
3)	handling of monsters that may be friendly with some
4)	handling of monsters that do not breathe air
5)	algorithm for blessed scroll of charm monster changed
6)	groups of monsters will all be friendly or none
7)	all familiars can use armor and weapons
8)	familiars have extra hit point and better ability scores
	based upon the hero's experience level
9)	fixed up a few messages here and there

1.03 Alpha, June 9, 86
1)	handling of quartermaster selling stuff that is overpriced fixed
2)	enchanting a stick might bless/curse it
3)	new potions and powers to go with them and other misc. modifications
	such as food value for potions, change in damage done by a firetrap,
	and other miscellaneous stuff
	above by Carl Hommel
4)	set familiar_ptr to NULL when going to a new level
5)	use ISGOD flag in monsdata.c to give special abilities to gods
6)	move trading post and throne rooms display lower on screen
7)	changed ISBIG flag to ISTWOH for weapons
8)	added various degrees of friendliness into monster table
9)	make temporary buffer in inventory() bigger

1.03 Alpha, June 10, 86
1)	added yet another fix for summoning when scroll of charm monster 
	been read and monsters are still alive
2)	handle passing of pack to next familiar when going to a new level
3)	CANWIELD and CANSHOOT monsters pick up things on the dungeon
	floor too if they are weapons or armor

1.03 Alpha, June 11, 86
1)	ISSCAVENGE is not turned on automatically for familiars
2)	monsters created by a normal and cursed scroll of create monster
	are not friendly
3)	monsters summoned by another monster are never friendly
4)	normal and blessed wand of polymorph leave friendly monsters

1.03 Alpha, June 11, 86
1)	fix for updating mw correctly by Pat Place
2)	remove Dr. C. reference in vers.c
3)	remove extra turn wizard message from do_chase()
4)	fixed rogue/Makefile to find hdrs correctly for lint

1.03 Alpha, June 13, 86
1)	potion of continuous breathing R_BREATHE, turns on HASOXYGEN
2)	potion of flying CANFLY. hero is levitated, and have rnd(2)
	of getting an extra attack
3)	CANFLY means never setting off non-fire traps
4)	HASOXYGEN means never getting zapped by a pool or gas trap,
	or breath weapons
5)	NOSHARP not affected by arrow or dart damage but affected poison
6)	ISUNDEAD and CANPOISON not affected by dart poison
7)	you don't automatically know what cursed potions are
8)	wizards get a higher chance to ressurect
9)	prayer command changed
	above by Carl Hommel

1.03 Alpha, June 14, 86
1)	wearing a ring of wizardry gives spell abilities no matter what
	intelligence or wisdom ability is
2)	implemented armor and weapon restrictions by player class
3)	preparations for having shield/cloak/charms and eventually
	rings as all objects to wear
4)	renamed short pike to ranseur and long pike to pike to be more
	historically accurate
5)	corrected testing of genocided monsters in summon()
6)	create lots of monsters when making them standing still in
	the dungeon
7)	use killed() to throw away the monster list when generating a
	new level of the dungeon because it recovers storage from
	objects that monsters are carrying

1.03 Alpha, June 15, 86
1)	changed startup procedure to enforce armor and weapon restrictions
2)	hero goes through trading post at startup to outfit pack
3)	no more rolling of player characteristics
4)	druid charm monster prayer now a very early and cheap spell
5)	hero may have more things in pack depending upon player class
6)	charm monster depends slightly on hero experience level too

1.03 Alpha, June 16, 86
1)	fixed up pointer usage in discarding monster list
2)	increased purse that hero starts up with
3)	fixed up format of display of saved heros and new ones at startup
4)	increased maximum number of saved heros
5)	changed how wizard commands are started up to get around
	all the control character restrictions (Mike Cooper)
6)	added keypad support for terminals that have them (Mike Cooper)

1.03 Alpha, June 17, 86
1)	fixed up a lot of bugs in handling familiars (Nick Flor)
2)	improved steal() routine from Carl Hommel

1.03 Alpha, June 18, 86
1)	fixed up garbage display on screen left over from throwing away 
	monsters using killed()
2)	fixed multiple messages for killing only one gas spore
3)	added HASOXYGEN flags to monsters that are not affected by 
	gas breath weapons

1.03 Alpha, June 19, 86
1)	removed code to curse all things bought from a quartermaster
2)	fixed up FRIENDLY and CHARMED monsters not moving
3)	fixed up monsters picking up things and their display
4)	killed() called with NULL killer from shoot_bolt() shouldn't be
5)	hopefully fixed up stuff for killing Friendly Fiend in new_level()
6)	allow more than 1 digit to indicate saved player number

1.03 Alpha, June 22, 86
1)	check order of inclusion of rogue.h and mach_dep.h and curses.h
2)	fixed up message in Friendly Fiend's place
3)	simplified expression too complex in move.c
4)	fixed up display of objects picked up by monsters
5)	probability of major side effect of artifacts reduced
6)	urogue save file name made definable by installer
7)	prompting to save character done only when new one rolled
8)	friendly monsters next to hero run around when '.' is being hit
9)	character displayed when monster killed updated from dungeon
	level map instead of using abritrary character '.'
10)	lighting of room when monsters and weapons are just outside
	doorway fixed
11)	paladin's get better saving throws against anything
12)	rangers and ninjas are hardly ever surprised
13)	paladins never get diseases or infections
	other misc player class enhancements by Carl Hommel

1.03 Alpha June 24, 86
1)	yet another null pointer usage bug when monster can't be found
	fixed by Pat Place
2)	when a missile fired by a monster misses another one, it wakes
	up anyways
3)	garbage characters when killing a monster are displayed using
	unctrl() in wizard message
4)	paladin's have no fear
5)	fixed up setting of hero AC during startup
6)	fixed up range of numbers testing in geta_player() and puta_player()
7)	don't add anything to familiar's pack if there is nothing to add
8)	& no longer used as suspend in BSD versions
9)	more cash given to heros at startup time

1.03 Alpha, June 25, 86
1)	deleted some macros from rogue.h that are used only in a few places
2)	turn off ISMEAN flag from familiars and friendly monsters

1.03 Alpha, June 26, 86
1)	changed deletion of monster in killed() to after monster's pack
	has been deleted
2)	fixed up room lighting problem permanently
3)	minor bug fixes
4)	yet more removal of macros

1.03 Alpha, June 28, 86
1)	created new include files and deleted some macros
2)	implementation of ring of carrying changed to reduce weight
	by 150 gold pieces per enchantment
3)	amount of gold generated increased
4)	backstabbing for thief, ninja and assassin character classes
5)	monsters can wield weapons against hero
6)	amount of gold that hero starts with increased again
7)	initialization of sticks for hero at startup fixed
8)	frequency of monster creation reduced
9)	pluses of weapons used by monsters increased by a random
	function of the experience level of the monster

1.03 Alpha, June 29, 86
1)	fixed fighting of monster carrying no weapons
2)	message in wrong place for monster thrown weapon that misses
3)	more fixing of room lighting and darkening bugs
4)	fixed lighting of rooms during new level creation
5)	increased starting gold once again

1.03 Alpha, June 30, 86
1)	changed monster that Friendly Fiend summons
2)	monsters that CANSHOOT pick from a wider variety of weapons
3)	monsters that CANWIELD don't always
4)	monsters zapped run toward the hero
5)	split creat_mons() into creat_mons() and place_mons() routines
	so that other programs can use it too
6)	renamed familiar_* to fam_*
7)	reduced probability of monsters in a given room when level is

1.03 Alpha, July 1, 86
1)	algorithm for assignment of wielded weapons changed
2)	fixed stupid typo error in place_mons() in scrolls.c
3)	monsters that CANTELEPORT do so when running away

1.03 Alpha, July 2, 86
1)	electricity zapping a friendly or charmed monster loses the
	hero a friend
2)	fixed bug in place_mons() in scrolls.c; stupid typo

1.03 Alpha, July 5, 86
1)	undid changes in killed() in fight.c to discard monster pack
2)	corrected setting of fighting in killed()
3)	removed useless variables in rogue.c
4)	fixed initialization of character type in geta_player()
5)	fixed typo in secretdoor() in misc.c causing them to show as 'p'
6)	all remaining usage of cfree replaced with free
7)	make a group of monsters all friendly or all non-friendly
8)	removed debugging message in place_mons() in scrolls.c

1.03 Alpha, July 6, 86
1)	fixed up more bad pointer references in wanderer() in monsters.c
2)	fixed bad test for player class in wield_ok() in weapons.c
3)	make sure every new monster starts with ISRUN off

1.03 Alpha, July 8, 86
1)	new magic system installed.  magic.c, magic_item.c files.  Still buggy.
2)	rogue.c and rogue.h worked over
3)	various formatting improved
4)	new wear_ok() that allows players to wear anything, but
	penalizes their class-specific special abilities.  wield_ok() coming up.
5)	scroll of regeneration duplicates monster's regenerative abilities
6)	familiar summoning made a scroll
7)	quaff(), read_scroll(), do_zap() calling changed.
8)	the Artifacts of Might do something if you just have them
9)	ring of piety analogous to ring of wizardry introduced
	above by Carl Hommel

1.03 Alpha, July 9, 86
1)	changed format of status lines
2)	fixed bug in increasing the hero's power and hpt in quaff()

1.03 Alpha, July 10, 86
1)	spiffed up message for familiar nearly hitting hero
2)	changed when familiars are gotten rid of when changing dungeon levels
3)	fix monsters getting attacks when dead
	above by Henry Chai
4)	fix nonagressive familiars to beat on unfriendly monsters
5)	changed some weapons for ninja and ranger at startup

1.03 Alpha, July 11, 86
1)	some fixes for casting of spells for non-MU player classes by
	Carl Hommel
2)	fixed up replacement of familiar when going to a new dungeon
	level by Henry Chai

1.03 Alpha, July 12, 86
1)	increased spell point regeneration rate
2)	replaced testing code for whether hero wants to try a hard spell
3)	fixed up the ranger's starting kit a bit
4)	improved ninja capabilities slightly
5)	increase duration of disguise spell
6)	attempt to fix monsters and heros in same spot
7)	moving through a friendly monster wakes it up

1.03 Alpha, July 13, 86
1)	fixed misc monster movement problems moving onto hero
2)	some tidying up of formats
3)	fixed up names of things carried by ranger
4)	improved ninja character abilities and make experience level change
	point higher

1.03 Alpha, July 14, 86
1)	fighters can stun their opponents by doing greater than 1/3 of
	remaining hit points in one blow
2)	fixed up messages in new hit() routine

1.03 Alpha, July 24, 86
1)	Change NUMMONST, MAXPOTIONS, etc to variables
2)	Change some potion, stick, wand define names for spellcasting
4)	WS_MDEG changed to WS_XENOHEAL
5)	Added defines to replace TRUE and FALSE values passed
	to various subroutines)
6)	Made P_REGEN cause SUPEREAT.  Made it fusable.
7)	The usual formatting changes to artifact.c, maze.c, monsters.c, wizard.c
8)	Dropping armor and weapon to avoid artifact major 
	effects	is no longer so good an idea
9)	PHIAL does total healing, not light spell
10)	Low-level monsters might break a hold spell
11)	Everyone gets their hpts/pow changed against their armor/weapon,
	not just paladins
12)	Changed summon() to summon_help(), and added FORCE flag
13)	Reordered hpt/pow regeneration in doctor()
14)	Changed effect of R_CARRYING  - still buggy
15)	PURSE intinsically allows more carrying
16)	Reworked logic in fight()
17)	Reordered status line to put Pow after Hpt
18)	Some monster spell casting implemented
19)	Created nothing_message() to print cryptic failure messages
20)	Twiddled do_throne() to create just UNIQUE monster + attendants
21)	Clerics get bonus exp. for turning/destroying undead
22)	do_zap() logic changed
23)	D_GODWRATH, D_CLUMSY deaths added
	above by Carl Hommel

1.03 Alpha, July 27, 86
1)	added wizard debug message flag as well as wizard mode (Henry Chai)
2)	stunning of monsters only when struck for 1/3 or more of
	max hpt in one blow
3)	various bug fixes by Mike Laman and Mike Cooper
4)	saving a game clears the screen after prompt

1.03 Alpha, July 29, 86
1)	checking for penalties for wrong armor and weapons fixed
	by Carl Hommel

1.03 Alpha, July 30, 86
1)	monsters now have probabilities of being a MU
2)	fixed up readchar() to handle errors in a saner way
3)	a monster type that is capable of using magic and is part
	of a group will always use have magical abilities
4)	the leader of a group of monsters will always be a bit better 
	than the run of the mill monster
5)	patches by Mike Cooper to shorten names of variables and
	various defines to support ATT 7300

1.03 Alpha, Aug 5, 86
1)	Len Picard's bag code is ready
2)	changed ISWEARING to a function instead of a macro
3)	fixed minor bugs in sticks.c

1.03 Alpha, Aug 9, 86
1)	yet another attempt at fixing monster killing flag fixes by Mike Laman
2)	applied fix by Carl Hommel to magic casting code
3)	changed inventory command display format
4)	updated readchar() handling of read() system call

1.03 Alpha, Aug 10, 86
1)	added flag for summoned monsters that disappear
2)	fixed up mapping of internal types of objects to things structure
	in create_obj()
3)	correct loop to pick object type to select in create_obj()
4)	yet another attempt at getting rid of "invalid command ^@" message

1.03 Alpha, Aug 11, 86
1)	"leaders" of a group of monsters not so improved over others
2)	remove last reference to namefinder in Makefile.INST

1.03 Alpha, Aug 12, 86
1)	The usual formatting changes in command.c, fight.c
2)	Implemented '~' experience-to-next-level command.
	Has next_exp_level() called from check_level)	
3)	is_carrying(TR_AMULET) protects vs CANDRAIN.
4)	Made more "hit" and "miss" messages.
5)	Moved extra exp code for clerics from affect() to killed().
6)	Reworked spell costs.
7)	Give MUs extra exp for casting spells.
8)	Made fumbles less frequent.
9)	Created feel_message().
10)	Renamed spell abbreviations.
11)	Corrected R_PIETY ordering.
12)	Made some extra-planar monsters undead, fixed some monster letters.
13)	Thieves get extra exp for picking up gold.
14)	'p'raying asks if you really want to, and always maxes your hpt 
	and pow to max)	
15)	Casting 'HEAL' no longer increases pow.
16)	Reworked P_GAINABIL as they occur less frequently.
18)	Prelim fix to helpful monsters casting spells.
	above by Carl Hommel
19)	upgraded leaders of packs a bit more and also added experience
	points for killing them
20)	BMAGICHIT now requires only a +3 weapon, not a +4
21)	druids can wield silver weapons even if they are metallic

1.03 Alpha, Aug 13, 86
1)	fix up keypad code to allow daemons to run after each turn

1.04 Alpha, October 24, 1992
1)      Update for modern compilation with ANSI C friendly compilers

1.05 Alpha, September 1, 1993
1)      Update save/restore code to not be simple core dumps so
        that they can work under modern memory management systems.

1.06 Alpha, July 21, 1995

1)      Many changes made to fix remaining parameter passing related bugs.
2)      Also, changes made to toughen game. Entire dungeon is now only 50
        levels deep instead of 100 so that monsters get harder faster.
3)      No more trading posts except at beginning or if entrance to
        trading post is found.
4)      The hero now regains spell points more slowly, has a tougher time with
        some things, and generally is weaker than he used to be.
5)      The game is not as hard as it needs to be yet, although i can make it
        to about level 20 or so most times I play it.

1.06 Alpha, August 3, 1995

1)      Many more changes to allow dropping of stuff even where monsters or the
        hero is, so there should almost never be messages of objects vanishing
        in a puff of smoke. Also more error checking, debugging messages, and
        generally much more bullet proof.
2)      Restored ability to zap with charged weapons.