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+                        =====   RLGWebD   =====
+RLGWebD is a node.js app that enables playing roguelike games in the 
+browser.  It is intended to be compatible with dgamelaunch.
+RLGWebD currently works with Node v0.10.
+It requires the 'posix', 'pty.js', and 'websocket' modules.
+RLGWebD expects to be run in a dgamelaunch installation, and it makes 
+some assumptions about the configuration.  It expects the dgamelaunch 
+playground to be at /dgldir inside the chroot.  It expects the 
+in-progress files to be in /dgldir/inprogress/<gamename>.  RLGWebD 
+creates in-progress files in those locations, and dgamelaunch must be 
+patched to prevent it from deleting them.
+It needs the devpts filesystem mounted inside the chroot.  This can be 
+done with a line in /etc/fstab like the following:
+	devpts	CHROOT/dev/pts	devpts	newinstance,ptmxmode=666 0 0
+It creates a socket in the filesystem which is used to control the 
+RLGWebD uses a separate program written in C to operate on the 
+dgamelaunch user database.  Compile this with:
+	cc -o sqlickrypt sqlickrypt.c -lcrypt -lsqlite3
+The binary should be placed in /bin inside the chroot.  It requires 
+libcrypt and libsqlite3 to be installed in the chroot.  Depending on 
+your system, these may have other dependencies.  Make sure to check by 
+running ldd.
+sqlickrypt needs /dev/urandom to exist in the chroot.  Run as root:
+	mknod CHROOT/dev/urandom c 1 9
+Starting and stopping
+Run the 'rlgwebd' shell script as root.
+Stop by passing 'stop' as an argument.  (This requires socat to be