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-RLGWebD expects to be run in a dgamelaunch installation, and it makes 
+RLGWebD expects to be run in a chroot used by dgamelaunch, and it makes 
 some assumptions about the configuration.  It expects the dgamelaunch 
 playground to be at /dgldir inside the chroot.  It expects the 
 in-progress files to be in /dgldir/inprogress/<gamename>.  RLGWebD 
@@ -25,6 +25,18 @@
 It creates a socket in the filesystem which is used to control the 
+The following files need to be copied into CHROOT/var/www:
+  about.html
+  bell.svg
+  options.html
+  options.js
+  rlgterm.js
+  style-rlg.css
+  termemu.js
+  termemu-keys.js
+  tty.css
+Copy index-rlg.html to CHROOT/var/www/index.html.
 RLGWebD uses a separate program written in C to operate on the 
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 Stop by passing 'stop' as an argument.  (This requires socat to be 
+webtty.js is a Node app which uses the terminal emulator to run a shell.  It
+includes NO SECURITY WHATSOEVER and should only be used for testing the 
+terminal emulator.  Copy index-sh.html to index.html before running it.