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+--- Early Roguelike Collection
 This is the source for the Roguelike Gallery's versions of Rogue and other
-early roguelike games.
+early roguelike games, including Super-Rogue, Advanced Rogue, and XRogue.
-The code was obtained from the Roguelike Restoration Project
-(  Modifications have been made mainly for compatibility
-with the dgamelaunch online play system.  Some bugs have also been fixed, and
-the build process slightly improved.  The essential flavor of a codebase half
-as old as stored-program computing machinery remains unchanged.
+The code was obtained from the Roguelike Restoration Project (Web site at  Modifications have been made for compatibility with the
+dgamelaunch play system, and compliance with modern C compiler standards.  Some
+bugs have also been fixed, and the build process slightly improved.  The
+essential flavor of a codebase half as old as stored-program computing
+machinery remains unchanged.  The gameplay and the user interface will be kept
+true to the originals.
+This collection does not contain the versions of Rogue commercially released by
+Epyx for DOS, the Mac, and other graphical platforms of the 1980's.  Nor does
+it include Rogue Clone, a reimplementation sometimes found in BSD or Linux 
+--- Installation
 To install on Unix (including OS X):
 If you checked out the source from Mercurial, run 'autoreconf' first.
-Build by running './configure' and then 'make'.  If you just want to play the 
-game from your own user account, 'configure' won't need any options.  The 
-games will keep the high score lists in whatever directory you run them from.
+Build by running './configure' and then 'make' within each game's subdirectory.
+If you only want to play the games from one user account, 'configure' won't
+need any options.  The games will keep the high score lists in whatever
+directory you run them from.
 For a multi-user installation, you will need to set the '--enable-setgid',
 '--enable-savedir', '--enable-scorefile', and '--enable-logfile' options.  Run
-'make install' after building.
+'make install' with root privileges after building.
 There are other possible options; run './configure --help' for a full list.
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 The games can be played via SSH or the Web at
+--- Licensing
+Each game is covered by its own license, usually some variant of the 4-clause
+BSD license.  See the LICENSE.TXT files in the individual subdirectories for
+more details.
+All modifications made by the Roguelike Gallery are available under the same
+terms as the game to which they were made.
+--- Bugs
 The original authors claimed that the list of bugs was "probably infinite".  If 
 you encounter one of these, please report it on the bug tracker at